Beanwood Faverolles Beanwood Faverolles Black bantam pullet 99806924 Young salmon hen 100512749 140324717 Bigfoot and Flock Old BF and his girls! 100513573 140324718 Young Ermine Looks like she has been digging.... 100912454 Bantam Blue Faverolles 2010 bred 102097322 Splash Bantam Really sweet splash girl showing nice type 106444592 Bigfoot - RIP 13th November 2010 Last photo taken two weeks ago of Bigfoot, rest in peace my beautiful boy 106444593 late hatch pullet 106762885 2010 salmon pullet 109474870 Artois 2010 breeding cockerel -very dark cherry mahogany accross saddle and shoulders. Wide shoulders and very deep keel 113075398 Magnus 2010 breeding cockerel, slightly different type to Artois and lighter chestnut colouring on the shoulder. Still needs a little filling out yet 113075399 Young chicks 3 week old chicks off Magnus 120469548 Artois and girls 120469549 Magnus With of his favourite hens Sunny, 120469550 121905815 121905816 Horatio in the Tulips... Actually he is fleeing the master of the farm Priscilla. a lavender pekin cock who you can just spot in the background 122394558 Horatio looking very proud and upright 122394559 2011 grower large salmon fowl at 11 weeks old... 124415897 Growers 11 weeks large salmons 124416841 Faverolles pullet 16 weeks Young faverolles girl showing a lovely face, good feathering already 128437238 Young Pullet 2011 Love this pullet, the sun brought out her gorgeous soft salmon colours 133429788 Young pullets together 2011 Like peas in the pod! Lovely buxom girls! 133429789 Horatio in the long grass! 134672050 174750694 174750695 174750696 174750697 174750698 174750699 174750700