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Mid August ...Time to think ahead..

Posted by Kate Hart on August 16, 2011 at 12:15 PM

I know,  I haven't posted for ages but we have been so very busy!

Now is the time we evaluate our early hatched birds, and separate the large boys from the girls, to allow the girls to roam in peace without being harassed, and this gives the boys a bit of space to grow well without the destraction of these beautiful salmon ladies! There are some promising boys this year, both in size which is my predominant interest and some stunning colours as well. Salmon boys in the prime of health and out in the sun look gorgeous in my mind, rich chestnut back offset boy glossy black feathers on the wing which should have an almost irridescent green sheen to them. I do like a nice strong head with a neat comb and small wattles, I really don't like the big fleshy floppy combs you sometimes see, but each breeder no doubt has their own personal preferences!

Two young lads...wonder what they are talking about?



The girls are also looking lovely this year and maturing well, although they do like to hang outside the boys run at the moment and natter to them!




This time of year though we are also thinking ahead to the autumn and winter,  building began in ernest for the foundations of the new winter run. The base was dug out..16 foot x 10 foot, a base installed and then woodchips to cover. Hopefully the housing will be in place soon, a 4 x4 chalet style house to match the others.

The runs then have a covered area and a bark area with the grass runs extending behind on good days.

Progress so far....





So are the rest of our menagerie?? The ducks are doing well, the young muscovies have now found their wings,..literally, and take great pleasure in regular circuits around the farm..luckily so far they have managed to find their way back! Indeed they have found that landing on the garage roof and then climbing up to our bedroom window and "tapping" is a fun game!!They are beautiful, although methinks this may be an aquired taste, not everyone is convinced by their odd carbuncled features but we find them lovely!

This is Hera, one of our chocolate ducks, she is a very dark glossy brown almost black, she posed quite prettily for this photo bless her! She is daughter of Maggie.. a lovely Muscovy given to me by Debbie  must be a couple of years ago now???





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