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It's April and hatching is well under way....

Posted by Kate Hart on April 3, 2011 at 4:08 PM

We have had a very busy weekend!  Major jobs in the garden need tending too, plus all the henhouses needed a good clean out...

Onto the birds first, two hatches of large salmons completed, and I am very happy with them!. the first was a test hatch, I wanted to see what happened if you just used one hen and one cockerel from the same developing strain, would they all look identical? accounting for sexual differences of course!  My supposition was that if the strain was now "fixed" they should all look identical in the main features and characteristics. This does lead to an interesting question however. how long does it take to develop your own strain?

These are now almost eight weeks old, and the pullets do look like peas in a pod, which I was rather hoping for. Personalty wise they are very similar too. I will keep an eye on these and keep you posted!




I have also hatched another batch of large salmons, they are only 3 weeks old and again look promising! Just a small batch again, need to have room for all the bantam eggs I am collecting! Incubator goes on for the last time early next week for a batch of bantams...salmon, ermine, black and blue, then methinks I am done for the year as we are trying to focus on a lot of work on our garden. Speaking of which we had a couple of visitors today!:)

The deer do like to visit, last year we had them raid our veggie plot,  they took a liking to our  strawberry bed..which never quite recovered so our crop was somewhat diminished.  This year I have planted a few more tender strawberry plants out....and guess who was watching...sigh.....



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